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Is A Custom Piece Right For You?

At D. Cole Jewelers we have the ability to custom create a piece of jewelry for you – whether its an engagement ring, an anniversary gift, corporate/company logo jewelry or recreating an existing item.

Custom jewelry is the only way to have a truly unique piece of jewelry. We can build things that you may never see again. All we need from you is the concept and we can make it a reality.

Custom jewelry adds significant labor costs. When we build a piece for our cases, we typically make multiples and this allows us to spread the cost of the original design across all of the pieces made. When we are only creating one item, we spend the same amount of time designing but the cost is only added to that one piece. Sometimes paying the extra makes sense when it is the piece that has high sentimental value, as can be the case with family jewelry.

If you decide that it is the only way to achieve what you’re looking for we are glad to help! There are different approaches of custom design.

Sometimes we can create the design you want by simply modifying/reworking a design that we already offer. This can be a great value while still achieving a unique design because of the time and money saved. Another approach is to design a piece as a truly original design.

The D. Cole Custom Process

The process begins with your idea! We do not require appointments as there is always a jeweler on staff. They can guide you in finding a design that would work for you OR you could bring your design idea to us, feel free to even bring photos for ideas. We will sit with you and refine the design to something we believe would be both attractive and functional. Some designs are just not functional or wearable; we try to design jewelry that will be beautiful and last for years to come. Once we have finalized a design, there are multiple paths that we take. One path is designing the item in Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and presenting you with various 3D images. We may also fabricate the piece from parts and raw materials. Another way is to hand carve a model for you to look at. We would then get your approval for the final item to be made. We try to keep our customers involved throughout the entire process. Custom jewelry is a more time-consuming purchase but it can also be a more rewarding process when you receive the item that you’ve always wanted and were maybe never able to find.

Custom Design Inquiries

No appointment is necessary – just stop in! Or you can call us at (207) 772-5119 or fill out the simple form below.

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