Charmed Life Birthstones


To be worn alone or in meaningful combinations on a necklace, the Charmed Life birthstones and charms make each set as unique as the person who wears it. A lot of people will wear a birthstone of a loved one and their initial. Some people will wear 3 or 4 charms on one necklace! The stones chosen are meant to represent the birthstone’s color. They may be the actual birthstone or a close alternative that has been chosen for better pricing. Here is the list of stones, see image as well: January – Garnet  February – Amethyst  March – Aquamarine  April – White Quartz (representing Diamond)  May – Emerald  June – Pearl  July – Ruby  August – Peridot  September – Iolite (representing Sapphire)  October – Tourmaline  November – Citrine  December – Turquoise

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