New England Buoy Necklaces


These classic New England Buoy Necklaces are made of sterling silver with an adjustable 16-18 inch chain.  Swinging freely on the chain, these necklaces are a wonderful slice of Maine and the coast of New England. Looking off from the coast and seeing the colorful specks bobbing in the ocean are a memory for many and now you can hold onto that magic with this stunning piece of jewelry.

Composite and Stone Choices:

#1- Solid Orange and Striped Coral Composites

#2- Light Pink Composite and Chrysacola

#3- Light Orange Composite and Lapis

#4- Solid Yellow  and Deep Turquoise Composites

#5- Deep Turquoise and Lime Green Composites

#6- Larimar and Lapis

#7- Larimar and White Mother of Pearl

#8- White Agate and Lapis

#9- Turquoise Composite and Onyx

#10- Purple Wampum and Solid Purple Composite
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