Opal Compass Rose Necklace


The perfect summer necklace. The compass rose is a reminder that we are not merely travelers but we are the navigators of our own destiny. The Compass Rose has appeared beautifully illustrated on maps since the 1300s. The term “rose” comes from the layered compass points that resemble the petals of the flower. It is a reminder of our internal compass, to stay focused and remain on course.

This Opal Compass Rose Necklace is made of sterling silver with lab created opal and cubic zicona. The chain is adjustable 16-18 inches and pendant is 34mm.

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Lab Grown or Lab Created Opals are polymer-impregnated opals, which are 70-90% silica (from which natural opal is formed) and 10-30% resin. Lab created opals exhibit fire play resembling the finest opal at a small fraction of the cost.

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